Health and Welfare

Eligibility Rules:

All Employees working for a contributing Employer or Employers within the jurisdiction of the Fund shall be eligible to receive benefits after meeting the following eligibility requirements.

Eligibility is based on Contribution Quarters and Benefit Quarters as follows.

Contribution Quarters Benefit Quarters
Work Performed During: Determine Eligibility for:
December | January | February May | June | July
March | April | May August | September | October
June | July | August November | December | January
September | October | November February | March | April

Initial Eligibility:

You will become initially eligible for benefits under the Plan on the first day of the month after you have worked for which contributions were reported from a contributing Employer or Employers for at least 600 hours worked within a consecutive 12 month period. You will eligible for at least one full quarter plus any partial quarter from your initial eligibility date.

Continuation of Eligibility for Active Employees:

Employer Contributions-

After becoming initially eligible, you continue to be eligible as long as you are working for a contributing Employer or Employer and those Employers make contributions to the Fund on your behalf for at least 375 hours in each Contribution Quarter as defined above. The quarterly hour requirement may be changed by the Trustees to represent the actual average expense for operating the Plan.